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Thinking of putting a role on pokerstars, the question is will it be safe or could they go the same way as tilt. Im already on ipoker, ongame, and  Is Pokerstars safe? - Internet Poker - Online Poker. Online poker players who suffer bad beats at PokerStars sometimes complain that the site is rigged, but selective memory is likely in play. PokerStars Review. When it comes to playing cards online, no name looms larger than PokerStars. They've been operating for well over a decade, and during.

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Watch This [ PokerStars Review ] Before You Play! You want people who don't want to learn the game - since by studying you are better than them. Close Online Poker Is Americas Cardroom Legit or a Scam? Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Associating with the owners — the Scheinbergs — prevented PokerStars from entering US markets, which eventually led to the sale of PokerStars to Amaya. Alternative sub for poker videos! There could be an argument that if ur a noob like OP then stars is good as it forces you to develop good fundamentals quickly. Seems like PS has been the most honest out of most of the sites. I don't think the site is rigged if that's what you're asking. Following their truce with American authorities, PokerStars is now free to apply for a license in any U. Find Threads Started by bballa

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HOLLYWOOD REIF So if I have this clear, a players previous call, raise or fold will affect the random number generator. Donkedout View Public Profile Send a private message to Donkedout Find More Posts by Donkedout Find Threads Started by Donkedout I have studied statistics full time for nearly one year in the university and passed my exams so I know this site is bull. Is Poker Stars safer than any other poker room in ? I find I almost always get beat by the smaller stack there. Now let's see a flop. Submit a new text post. The most concerning question about PokerStars is whether the service is rigged.

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Muscle Groups View All Muscle Group Articles Chest Shoulders Back Biceps Triceps Abs Leg Glutes. Its a scam site. How can I use them? You will see this same variance on any site and in any live format.. I'm not claiming to be a poker virtuoso, I just want to have some fun, surely, what happened was just a random chance of events, but the question was, what are the alternatives for playing poker for fun, and from other posts in here, it seems pokerstars is not the best. My record with Pokerstars was spotless UNTIL I ventured into play money games just for the fun of it. What they DON'T SAY is how many bots or players have CRACKED that deal and KNOW what cards are COMING! PokerStars launched their online operations in September of , and they started accepting real-money wagers three months later. It's always 1 bad beat after another ,or really bad cards winning against my good cards. I have played livegames for 10 YRS and I am a winning player live. Is More US Online Poker Really in the Cards? I really feel we are playing against someone who not only controls the cards but can also see all players cards. Anyway how good hands u got I play OK poker, MY vpvp is around The way they make you lose cash online is by constantly giving you losing AK is pokerstars safe A4, or AQ vs AJ Finally, as someone who's also repeatedly suffered at the hands of Welt onli, I was intrigued to read from another site's comment's section the following, and I quote 'that Imperial College London had analysed over a million hands from various online poker operators and noticed the same predictable patterns of manipulating hands to maximise the rake returns of the provider. Security Random Number Koch und back spiele 1001 Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Integrity Isle of Man IGC Security FAQ Password Security Security Questions PokerStars PIN Account Security Tokens SMS Validation Play Along App Privacy Policy End User License Agreement. Pokerstars is by far a huge internet fraud and Amaya owners shall be asked questions in court. The deposit and withdrawal options for PokerStars vary depending on your country of residence.